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Here you can find answers to your questions and everything else you need to know about Task Office

Home Tab is a convenient way to see your schedule

Edit task mode

Projects tab

Tasks tab: tasks types, info and editing tasks

Creating and editing Repeated tasks

Inbox: tasks that have no Start Date

Today: managing tasks with Start Date

Scheduled: tasks set for future dates

Someday: tasks with no specific date

Overdue: tasks with overdue date

Categories: tasks grouped by categories

Contacts: tasks assigned to some of your contacts

Not Done: incomplete tasks

Done: completed tasks

Tasks grouping

Tasks and Projects lists filtering

Alerts: remind you that this task comes

Contacts tab: list of contacts

Add Contacts: create new of import existing

Filter and group contacts

Send E-mails

Calendar tab: day, week and month

Setting up iCloud synchronisation

Syncing with Calendars accounts

Peculiarities of syncing tasks

Syncing and managing tasks-invitations

Set preferences: tasks sync and contacts display

License activation

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