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Tasks tab: tasks types, info and editing tasks

Depending on Start Date each of task has its own place: Today, Scheduled or Someday. You can create Tasks of 3 Types: ToDo, Appointment, Email/Call:

ToDo – tasks can be saved with/without one or both Start or Due Date. If you add Start Date, the system automatically fills in Due Date. Tasks of ToDo type are saved without exact time, ToDo task duration is measured in days. Appointment – task of this type is necessarily saved both with Start and Due Date. Due Date time can be set only within the selected Start Date. Task duration is measured within one day. Email/Call – task of this type is necessarily saved with Start Date only. Task Start Time is set within: 00, 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Email/Call tasks are saved with 15 minutes duration.

Task Info To view detailed information of the task, click on task title. In Task Info view you can mark tasks as Done by putting a mark in the check box, view all the detailed info of task and easily move to assigned contact, company and project.

Edit Task

To make some changes in Task or Project click "Edit" button. In Edit window you can modify any of the fields and edit all the information you need.



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