Project management software and Gantt chart


Project management software

Meet your personal Gantt chart expert

Project Office is a full featured project management app designed to help you managing both simple and complex projects on your iOS and macOS devices

Critical path

Multiple baselines

Highlight the important tasks that have a direct influence on the project deadline. Enable a switch to calculate a Critical Path as you change tasks.

Set multiple baselines for each project, reference them later to track progress comparing baseline with current project plan.

Get more productivity out of project planning

Based on Gantt method, this app is built to make it easy juggling multiple projects, assign resources, track any remaining work to be done, and head off potential bottlenecks at a glance.

Critical path.PNG

Gantt chart view

This is the list of project tasks with illustrated relationships and the schedule with Gantt bars.

Network diagram view

This is a graphical flow of tasks boxes, dependencies lines  and the critical path. 

Share projects files and reports

Send Project Office file, export and import files with Microsoft Project® (XML) format, save project as PDF file and make HTML reports of tasks and resources

Share projects files and reports, send Project Office files PROJECT OFFICE

Project Office files

export and import files with Microsoft Project® (XML) format

MS Project® (XML) format
(Pro version)

save project as PDF file and make HTML reports of tasks and resources

PDF files

share HTML reports of tasks and resources

Task and Resource Reports

Project Office is available on all your Apple devices

Both apps need to be purchased if you wish to run software on both Mac and iOS platform, and each iOS app is fully sync-compatible with its Mac counterpart and vice versa


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