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Add Contacts: create new of import existing


An app allows to create New Contact/Company directly in the App or import existing contacts from your Mac to App contacts book.

After clicking New contact button the system will show the New Contact window.

Both New Contact and New Company window allows you to add detailed information and assign projects. To import contacts, click Import button. Afterwards the system will show an Import Contacts window with the list of all contacts from your device contacts book.

To choose contacts for importing, mark each contact you want to import to app or click "Mark all" button. The system imports contacts with the following information on contact: First and Last name, Company Name, phone numbers, addresses, URLs and birthday.

Note: Only contacts that have First Name or Last Name can be imported.


An app allows you to add a new contact directly in App or import existing from your device contacts book. To add a new Contact/Company tap Add button ▸ New Contact.

To import Contacts from device contacts book tap Add button ▸ Import Contacts. The System imports iOS contacts with Company Name and all other information on this contact.

Note: Only contacts that have First Name and/or Last Name can be imported.

After tapping Import Contacts button you can mark Contacts you want to import into app.

To import all contacts at once tap Mark all button. To choose each contact separately mark them with tapping check-mark button.

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