Task management and calendar

Connect all of your calendars to Task Office

The two-way syncing works with Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook and others. Once you've set up your connection, everything updates automatically

Use GTD methodology

Keep everything on track

Schedule tasks, add details and get them organized in appropriate folders: Inbox, Today, Scheduled, Someday, Categories, Delegated, Not Done, Done.

Get visibility on what needs to be done next, what is already completed and who is involved in project so you can be confident things are done on time.

See your workload, plan ahead and make a real progress

Organize everything you have to do so you can see it all, prioritize everything, and focus on what's most important

Organize all the moving pieces

Add repeating tasks, attach contacts and keep working with your schedule anywhere with iCloud syncing

Repeated tasks

Contacts list

iCloud synchronization

Task Office is available on all your Apple devices

Both apps need to be purchased if you wish to run software on both Mac and iOS platform, and each iOS app is fully sync-compatible with its Mac counterpart and vice versa

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