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Toolbar: frequently used commands

The tool bar contains a default set of buttons for frequently used commands set by default.

Depending on your system and view configuration, there is other toolbar that you can use for quick access to common app functions – the Touch Bar.


View switcher allow to switch between different view modes: Gantt chart and Network diagram.

Add button allows to create a new task in the project. A popup menu gives an option to add a new Task, Milestone or Group.

Undo to cancel or Redo – to repeat previous action.

Connect button allows to add relations between tasks (choose two and more tasks to activate the button). A popup menu gives an option to add different types of connections: Start → Start; Start → Finish; Finish → Start; Finish → Finish.

Disconnect button allows to cancel links between tasks. With disconnect action all the tasks, to which the links were formed, will be assigned with a Start date equal to the Start date of the project.

Group button allows to group several tasks. If you choose a task of "Group" type, then Ungroup button will appear.

▸ After clicking Resources button choose the Resource from a drop-down list to assign it to the chosen task.

Set baseline allows to create a new baseline in your project. You can change a baseline name and save it to compare with actual plan.

Baseline button allows to choose saved Baseline from a drop-down list to compare it with current project plan.

Calendar button allows to customize the schedule for the entire project and its’ resources: Base calendars and Resources calendars.

Critical Path allows to highlight the important tasks that have a direct influence on the finish date of your project.

Reports button allows to create HTML task report or create HTML resource report.

Inspectors button allows to customise project view and hide or show Inspectors sidebar on the right of screen.


Projects button allows to save and leave current project and go back to Projects list.

View buttons allow to switch between Gantt chart and Network diagram.

Undo — tap to cancel previous action.

Redo — tap to repeat previous action.

Edit — tap to open editing elements at the bottom of the screen.

Add button allow to add new task to the project. If tap and hold there will appear a new popover with possibility to create new Task, Milestone or Group.

Edit menu allows you to copy, move or delete any task, group tasks or ungroup, connect and disconnect.

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