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Manage resources

To add Resource, go to Inspectors ▸ Resource Inspector ▸ Add new Resource.

In Project Office you can create resources of two types of resources: Staff and Material:

• Staff resources are important resources on a project are likely the people responsible for its execution. In Staff resource you can assign Units (%), Cost/Use, Cost/Hour, Productivity and Color. • Material resources are equipment, ingredients, building supplies, or other components expended in the process of executing the project. In Material resource you can assign Cost/Use and Color. Number of units is calculated automatically depending on number of units used in all project. ​ After clicking "New Resource from Contacts" a pop-up window with list of contacts used in the project will be shown.

Note: To import Resource from Contacts, an app should have an access to Mac Contacts. In the pop-up only contacts that have First and/or Last Name will be shown. These contacts should be listed in "All on My Mac" group.



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