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Print and Save as PDF in macOS version


Project Office offers a set of options for printing and saving as PDF using the standard print macOS dialog. Go to FilePrint (Command+P) ▸ choose Show Details to see all the printing options.

Content menu allows you to choose whether to print the Gantt chart and the Outline, the Gantt chart only or the Outline only. When changing the options the preview will show what your project will look like on paper:

  1. the Gantt chart and the Outline on one page

  2. the Gantt chart only or the Outline only

  3. the Outline only

In Content menu you can as well set the quantity of pages by changing: ▸ Content scaling, that allows to set the percentile of depicted content. When you change the percentile, the the width or height changes accordingly. ▸ Pages width, height and total are calculated based on the size of the project and the scale set in the percentile field. When you change the width or height, the other one changes accordingly. Total page number is calculated automatically.

Header & Footer allows to add additional info to the top and bottom of printed file. You can select 3 fields in header and 3 fields in footer: print time, project title, page number, last edit time, file path, page count.

Page margins allows set top, bottom, left and right margins of the page.

Page Attributes The file by default is generated vertically and all the content is proportionally splitted to the pages. If you need to customise the page properties switch to Page Attributes. Here you can set page orientation (vertical or horizontal), for example, to get PDF on 1 page.

Save as PDF

When you have your print options set up just the way you like, you can Print your file or save as PDF, using the standard macOS menu.

Find out more on how to save PDF preview of Gantt chart or print it in our how-to video >

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