Project Office Free Trial and In-App FAQs

Get answers for most of the common questions about free trail period and in-app purchases

Can I try Project Office for free?

Yes, all you need is to click Free Trial button in the service line and confirm starting a 14-days trial period.

  How long does the trial last?  

14 days.

  What access do I have on a free trial?  

During your 14 day free trial, you have unlimited access to all the features of Project Office.

  Is that free trial really free?  

Yes, during the trial period (14-days) you can use an app absolutely free. You won't be charged neither during your free trial, nor after the free trial period ends, until you decide to buy it.

  Do I need to provide my credit card or other billing information to start my trial ?  

No. We don’t collect any billing information during the trial period.

  How do I start a free trial?  

You can start a free trial by downloading Project Office in two different ways:


1. Go to in your web browser.

2. Click Free Download button.

3. Install an app.

4. Click Free Trial button.

5. Follow the prompts on the screen to start your free trial.


1. Launch the app and click Free Trial button.

2. Follow the prompts on the screen to start your free trial.

  What happens after 14 day free trial?  

After the 14 day free trial is over Project Office will work in viewer mode. So, if you go past the 14-day trial, you can continue to read your files, but there’s no editing option.

You can unlock an app:

• Click Unlock button in service line in the app


• open the link Buy Project Office

What features are available in Project Office Pro?

Project Office Pro offers all editing features, including Network diagram view and export/import files with Microsoft Project® (XML) format.

Is Network diagram and Microsoft Project® (XML) export/import option included into a Standard app edition?

No, Network diagram and Microsoft Project® (XML) export/import options are not included into a Standard edition. To these features, you need to upgrade to Project Office Pro with a one-time purchase license.

  What file format can export/import Project Office?  

Project Office can export/import files with Microsoft Project® (XML) format. Project Office does not support export/import MPP files.

  With what Microsoft Project® versions does Project Office export/import files?  

The Microsoft Project® (XML) format can be used to exchange projects with Microsoft Project® 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

  Will I be able to open the file created using Project Office in Microsoft Project®?  

Yes, files exported to Microsoft Project® (XML) format using Project Office app can be opened in Microsoft Project®.

  How can I get Microsoft Project® (XML) export/import option?  

To use Microsoft Project® (XML) export/import, you need to upgrade to Project Office Pro with a one-time purchase license.

What is Project Office: Bundle?

Project Office: Bundle is a universal purchase, allowing to enjoy an app and in‑app purchases across iOS, iPadOS and macOS by purchasing only once. 

Where can I get Project Office: Bundle?

Project Office: Bundle is available on the App Store only (

Is Project Office: Bundle a one purchase for Mac and iPhone, iPad app?

Yes, purchasing Project Office: Bundle, you pay only once and get app both for Mac and iOS app version.

How to activate Project Office: Bundle on iPhone or iPad if you purchased it on Mac?

After purchasing Project Office: Bundle on Mac App Store, an app automatically becomes available for uploading in iOS App Store.

1. Go to App Store on your iOS device

2. Find Project Office: Bundle app

3. Tap Download

If you have bought an in-app purchase on one of your devices in order to activate your in-app purchase, go to In-App Purchases and tap Restore button. 

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