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Task Office is reviewed at Mac|Life magazine

Task Office is reviewed at Mac|Life magazine

Task Office for iOS (ed. Daytime) at Mac|Life 109 (December 2015) magazine. If you want to get more info on how the app work, on all its peculiarities and features, you should definitely go through this article ⬇️


No matter how packed your schedule may be, Task Office (Daytime)'s Calendar view manages it with simplicity.

Whether you 're managing a busy schedule at work, at home, at a freelance business, or even for an entire office staff, staying on top of projects and appointments has become one of the most crucial roles of the smartphone and tablet. One new app has a very good handle on helping get things done, but it's strictly for the iPad crowd right now.

Task Office (Daytime) offers a no-nonsense user interface with separate tabs for Projects, Contacts, Task, and Calendar entries across the bottom of the screen, plus a fifth Home button focused strictly on what needs to be addressed today and in the next seven days. From here, you can tackle the most current tasks in a colour-coded timeline, quickly making sense of even the busiest of weeks.

The design is well thought-out, and those new to Task Office (Daytime) can first browse a sample fully populated with data to help get up to speed quickly. There's even one-tap access to an extensive user guide. Task Office (Daytime) syncs with iOS and OS X Reminders, but also ties directly into contacts (including public or private groups) and projects, to give a broader scope of what's ahead.

The Tasks tab features an Inbox for quickly adding entries without having to know exactly how they'll fit into your overall schedule first. Tasks can also be attached to projects, with a progress bar showing what percentage of that work is already completed, and what has been delegated to specific users or companies from the full-featured address book.

Tapping an email address allows sending new messages without having to exit Task Office (Daytime), and Calendar events can be dragged and dropped to change start or due dates with a tap and hold. It's a comprehensive package, but missing one or two pieces of the puzzle - namely, companion apps for iPhone and Mac, which the developer says are already in progress.

Considering the wealth of available features, Task Office (Daytime) is worthy of a look for those dissatisfied with their current GTD ("get things done") solution. There's also a free Lite version available, although it doesn't actually do anything aside from run the sample data.

THE BOTTOM LINE. Task Office (Daytime) is a comprehensive app for efficiently tackling even the most challenging schedules. While it works great on iPad, you'll have to rely on other tools for getting things done on iPhone or Mac for the time being.

Task Office (Daytime)

+ Drag-and-drop calendar events

+ Inbox for quickly adding undated tasks

+ Extensive sample data and user guide

- Currently no iPhone or Mac version. UPD: available since Oct 6, 2018


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