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Project Office is reviewed at Mac|Life magazine

Project Office is reviewed at Mac|Life magazine

Project Office for iOS at Mac|Life 112 (March 2016) magazine. If you want to get more info on how the app work, on all its peculiarities and features, you should definitely go through this article ⬇️

By J.R. BOOKWALTER Taking the hard work out of hard work

When it comes to serious scheduling, Gantt charts are widely considered the gold standard for business projects. This bar-chart-style breakdown packs a lot of data into a compact space, making it ideal for devices like the iPad - but most of the existing apps to create them are overpriced, underpowered, or plain clunky.

Project Office is none of these things. Featuring a more elegant, intuitive user interface than competing apps, it's also more affordable than popular alternatives such as OmniPlan. Built for speed, Project Office Pro makes it easy to juggle multiple projects, assign contacts or materials, track any remaining work to be done, and head off potential bottlenecks at a glance.

Up to three copies of each project can be backed up via iCloud, although this has to be initiated manually. Project Office Pro lacks any comprehensive way to collaborate on a project with others, although projects can be sent via email or saved in PDF format; more traditional HTML task or resource reports can also be generated or shared with other apps.

Those already proficient with the Gantt method will feel right at home, but Project Office Pro lacks a tutorial to help novices get up to speed (there is basic in-app help, however). It's iPad-only for now, but an update with iPhone support should be available by the time you read this; the app is already optimized for iPad Pro and works great with the larger screen of that model.

THE BOTTOM LINE. If your work life revolves around Gantt charts, Project Office Pro is a cost-effective, full-featured solution for iPad scheduling.

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