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5 Best Chart apps: Project Office X

Project Office X got featured as one of 5 Best Chart apps in SaaS-Space article.

Project Office X is a project management app, based on the Gantt method. The app is packed with features that will help you to keep your projects organized and on track.

Project Office X includes a variety of useful features, such as: the Gantt chart view that graphically displays each task on a visual timeline and the outline view that presents tasks, groups, and milestones in a spreadsheet format. The app also has resource and base calendars that specify unique schedules for specific resources, making it easier to assign and distribute workloads. Other essential features of Project Office X include multiple baselines to track progress, identifying bottlenecks in your project, and critical path analysis. You can also share projects and reports with colleagues, back up your projects to iCloud. The Pro version of Project Office X has even more advanced features, such as Microsoft Project® (XML) export/import and the Network Diagram view. The MS® (XML) export/import allows to easily exchange projects files. The Network Diagram represents a graphical flow project that is used to map out the project schedule, track its progress, and completion.

One of the things that really sets Project Office X apart from other project management tools is its ease of use. And because it’s available on both macOS and iOS devices, it integrates seamlessly with other Apple apps and services.

Overall, Project Office X is an excellent project management app that offers a range of powerful features that can help users to manage their projects more efficiently and effectively.

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