Managing and Sharing files in iOS version

After launching Project Office, the files browser is opened. It provides access to the same file storage locations as the iOS Files app.

Each file is represented by a thumbnail image, file name, the date it was last modified.

▸ To open the associated file, tap a document preview.

▸ To change the name of a file or folder, tap the name and then enter a new title.

Share and Export

Tap and hold a file's thumbnail to open a contextual menu for the file. It contains the standard array of iOS editing options (Copy, Duplicate, Move, Delete, Info, Tags, Rename and Share).

Share option — allows to send file using standard iOS share destinations as well as additional specific Project Office share options.

To export file using specific Project Office share options, tap the Share as...       button and then choose one of the format to perform on the file. 

When sharing file, the following file formats are available:

▸ Project Office — a copy of the selected project file.

▸ Canvas Gantt — a PDF of the entire Gantt chart view.

▸ Task Report — an HTML page that lists all of the tasks in the project.

▸ Resource Report — an HTML page that lists all of the tasks in the project by resource.

▸ Microsoft Project® (XML) — MS Project® (XML) format can be used to exchange projects with Microsoft Project®2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. More info

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