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Customize work days and hours


To set work days and hours go to Inspectors ▸ Project Inspector ▸ Work section ▸ Work days and hours.

Editing Work Hours allows you to set the Normal Hours and Non-working Days, that are applied to every week:

▸ Normal Hours are a general set of working hours to be followed in a typical week, determining how many hours of effort can be completed in each day. By default, Work Hours are from Monday through Friday on 08:00 AM — 17:00 PM with a break in the middle for lunch. ▸ Non-working Days allows to set up exceptions to the work week for holidays and days-off. By default, Non-working Days are Saturday and Sunday. To mark some day as non-working, put a check-mark near day title.

In Calendar you can set the Normal Hours and Non-working Days that are applied to each separate day of month or year.

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