GTD Office

Planner & calendar


Gives you everything you need to get things done without adding any extra work.


Plan tasks and get things done in a few taps

GTD office is an optimized combination of personal planner, GTD and calendar developed for  personal task management with all basic steps of the Getting Things Done methodology 

Get tasks divided into appropriate sections

Store planned tasks in scheduled lists, track the progress and retrieve the result to get organized

Today list

collects tasks due, or scheduled

to begin on current day

Scheduled list

contains tasks planned on a certain date and repeated tasks as well


stores tasks that need to be done, but are not time critical


displays tasks grouped by default and personal categories

Not done

comprises incomplete tasks with open, in progress or pending status


displays all completed tasks,

sorted by performance date

Get visualized outline of your schedule

Calendar integration allows to see all todos, appointments and email/calls planned in

the Today and Scheduled lists.

GTD Office is available on iOS devices


iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

System requirements

iOS: iOS 10.0 or later, 105.9 MB


iOS: $9.99 (USD)

Latest version

iOS: 1.9, April 2019